Moulds & Line Conversion

COMPETEK can provide you with a full solution, from the engineering to the conversion of your line.
Our expertise and technologies empower our teams to produce PET blow moulds and customized parts that fit most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) blowers and complete lines on the market.
The COMPETEK range of moulds has been developed to suit every need. This means you can benefit from an array of sizes, from 100 mL to 30 L as well as numerous shapes and texture options. We manually polish the moulding surface to give it a mirror-like appearance, and we apply an external treatment for improved hardness with a suitable anodizing process. Our extensive expertise and control systems serve as a guarantee for your mould quality.

Line Conversion

With 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have the know how in line conversion processing to design and manufacture components for most of the machinery on the market and on your production line.
Thanks to our expertise, you will not have to deal with a range of suppliers to implement and handle a new packaging solution. We will deliver exactly what you need to optimize your line productivity.



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