A service designed to improve lightweight and recycled PET solutions

Established in June 2021 by PET Engineering and COMEP, Competek boasts a Packaging team of 10 people whose knowledge and expertise, gained over twenty years, has enabled the company to provide customised solutions for our clients.
Competek’s mission is to make a positive contribution towards developments in the packaging industry by providing solutions which are beneficial for our planet. Sustainable Packaging Solutions is more than a pay-off, in that it’s what the team is committed to providing for their customers on a daily basis. Sustainable solutions at an environmental level as well as from the point of view of the investment that the customer needs to make.

Complete Packaging Solutions

The secret to a high-performance bottle starts from selecting the right preform and having a functional design. With its Packaging Optimization service, Competek provides customers with a team of experts who will support the customer every step of the way in order to develop the bottle and, if required, helping them choose the right preform always supported by a production area of 850 m2, an injection machine, three blowers and a certified laboratory using state-of-the-art machinery. A winning formula which provides a complete packaging solutions service.
On the subject of preforms, in addition to the standard tests associated with dimension checks, the team can carry out further tests such as DSC and IV tests both on the preforms available on the market and on those developed and injected in-house using the Husky machine. An analysis of the bottle is then carried out with a series of tests as required by the standard procedures such as those prescribed by ISSBT and CETIE or by following the control procedures specified by the client. In the case of a new commission the team provides a unique prototyping service: having created a pilot mould, the bottles can be blown in our production facility. This is where the innovation lies: thanks to our in-house laboratory and the expertise we have acquired, the prototyping process, which involves finalising the design, launching the mould, and blowing the bottles, can now be achieved in just ten hours. A service which we can provide thanks to a specific workshop developed and intended for the most demanding teams with tight timings.

Providing Lightweight and RPET solutions

When it comes to the sustainability of a bottle, we immediately think of the words “Lightweight” and “Recycled PET”, two services that meet the various needs of brands.
Competek’s Packaging Optimization services can adapt to the changes our customers wish to make to their packaging. In the case of lightweight solutions, the team will analyse the existing bottle, any areas for improvement and test the new output by certifying its performance by approving the container so that the client can begin production with confidence. In the case of Recycled PET, on the other hand, the company provides a way to assess the different behaviours of various grades of the recycled materials used to produce the bottle. The comparative tests carried out will offer the recommendations required so that mechanical performance matches the customer’s requirements.

And if the packaging is approved, Competek will provide the moulds and line conversion irrespective of the type of machinery the client has, because Competek is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.



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