Prototyping & Laboratory

COMPETEK experts support you in making sure your bottle and preforms can optimally perform under real-world conditions. First of all, studying the technical and commercial qualification of the PET bottle, to make sure all specifications are respected. Then, verifying the quality of the mould, testing the pilot mould manufactured internally and resulting bottles.
All the tests are carried out with avant-garde equipment in our certified laboratory.

Preform Services

We do provide:

  • Dimension and quality control tests
  • Material quality control tests

All analysis can be carried out on customers’ preforms or on preforms developed in-house with our injection machine that is specifically equipped to manage Barriers, Colorant and RPET.

Bottle Services

We manufacture pilot moulds in house and then use them to blow a batch of bottles. The objective is to allow the customer validate real samples before starting production but also let our technicians check both bottle mechanical performance (top load, thickness, section weights, main dimension checks) and quality of the mould.
We do provide:

  • Dimension and quality control check
  • Recycled material tests
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