COMPETEK Sustainable Packaging Solutions

COMPETEK, your strategic partner providing packaging solutions for production lines in all market sectors

COMPETEK-Sustainable Packaging Solutions is the new player in the international packaging industry. Born from the synergy between PET Engineering and COMEP, aiming to provide Food, Beverage and homecare packaging manufacturers with a never-before-seen sustainable and efficient product line.

COMPETEK is an innovative company whose services fully reflect the experience and know-how developed in over 20 years by two established global companies: PET Engineering and COMEP.
PET Engineering has always specialized in the engineering and industrialization of new Packaging solutions, with a special view to their implementation on customer lines. The core business of the French based company COMEP consists instead in the development and production of moulds for PET containers- well appreciated both for their superior quality and high technology content.
Two leading companies in their respective sectors, joining forces to create an innovative reality whose focus and purpose is to help packaging manufacturers in the fast-evolving consumer good sector to face the challenges and changes the market requires.

All your solutions in just one comprehensive partner
COMPETEK, based in France but with an international vision, makes all the difference in the packaging industry by providing a full range of packaging services no matter what the customer’s platform; from packaging engineering and optimization, to high quality moulds and change-over spare parts. An innovative service approach to fully support each customer in the evolution of their production lines.
Thanks to a fully integrated process and dynamic team, COMPETEK develops high-performance packaging solutions specifically tailored to customers and specific production needs. Designed with sustainability in mind, promoting an overall reduction in packaging resources used, for a leaner production process. 360 support services that don’t merely end with the delivery of moulds, but are ongoing with the evolution of the customer's existing lines. This is precisely the added value we provide, with the ability to design solutions for all OEMs on the market, allowing manufacturers to find a single partner supplying everything they need, in order to optimize time, costs and resources.

R&D and innovation
A strategic partner must have the expertise and flexibility to cope with all the transformations that a continuously developing sector requires, which is why COMPETEK engineers invest part of their time in research and development, designing and testing solutions to optimize packaging, reducing costs and material waste.
Thanks to the team’s innovation-driven mindset, COMPETEK has developed Supervent, a technology applied to moulds that renders blow processes more sustainable in terms of energy savings. Moreover, COMPETEK has developed proprietary technologies for achieving optimizations in terms of weight, favouring a more conscious use of materials.
Market studies conducted on existing machinery in the industry has allowed COMPETEK’s team to intervene on any and all customer lines, with the capability of ensuring a rapid and efficient Tethered cap implementation¬ an increasingly essential and important service - especially for European players. Even more special and unique is our certified laboratory, which year after year has incorporated new machinery, giving our customers the opportunity to prototype and test the mechanical and material performance of a bottle before the start of production. In light of the increasingly sensitive issue of sustainability, COMPETEK has developed the recycled PET Protocol, a process designed to compare the performance of a traditional bottle with one made of recycled material, including the implications that the use of this material potentially has on production processes, thus giving our customers all the tools they need to make the right decisions and move on to a greener production protocol, without compromising the performance of the container and their existing line.
The team’s dynamic outlook and flexibility aims to turn every challenge into an opportunity to innovate and design what COMPETEK defines as “Sustainable Packaging Solutions”.



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